Manage your BMI

Little Changes Can Mean Lots of Relief –

Did you know weighing just an extra 10-15 extra pounds puts you at high risk of osteoarthritis of the knees, hips or spine? Osteoarthritis often strikes weight bearing joints and higher weight means more wear and tear on those joints. Experts estimate that each extra pound gained is equal to two to three extra pounds stressing the knees. Want to avoid this pain? And if it’s already started, some relief probably sounds pretty good. Keep your weight down and both are possible!

You’ve probably heard about BMI. It stands for Body Mass Index. Health researchers use BMI averages to create charts and graphs for large categories of people, like all women or all men from 19-39. While you are in these groups, you are an individual. You and your doctor are in the best position to determine your most healthful weight. The BMI tables aren’t nearly as helpful for individuals as they are for large groups.

For sure, keeping weight off isn’t as easy as it sounds. Losing is can be even harder. However, there are some resources available to you. For example, here’s a useful Web site to help lose weight and keep your diet healthy: www.choosemyplate.gov. It has educational resources, plus tools to help track calories, recipes, and more. Check back soon. We’ll be adding exercises that are helpful for arthritis to our Web site, and can also help with a weight loss plan.

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