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Hiba Fatima – Intern

Hiba Fatima

My name is Hiba Fatima; I am currently a sophomore at the University of South Florida in Tampa. My major is Microbiology. My interests include research, particularly in the fields of epidemiology, infectious disease, and global health.

I went to Palm Harbor University high school and was part of the medical magnet program, being a part of that program taught me much about the medical field and opened many doors for me; I would not be able to do my job at ARIA if it wasn’t for what I learned during the program. Volunteering at ARIA is very important to me because arthritis runs in my family and affects me and my family members; I want to inform myself about this disease so I can be helpful to them.

I love volunteering here at ARIA because the work I get to do is very challenging and unique, I have learned much about the resources available to me through my supervisors and other interns. I am very grateful to be a part of the team at ARIA.

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