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In this section you will find posts regarding interesting osteoarthritis information and tips. Our researchers have put together tips on many topics including health, osteoarthritis pain relief, warning signs, osteoarthritis basics and more. Click here to get to the tips!

Diet Research

Is there diet research for osteoarthritis? You bet there is and you will find it right here in this section! Diet and supplements seem to be two ways in which we can impact our health for the good. After reading through this section, you will find there’s not one single osteoarthritis cure. However, there’s a long list of tips that you can try that may ease your pain, increase your bone density, decrease inflammation and much more. We’ve identified things you can take that make your symptoms better or improve your long term health. Click here to get to the tips!


Exercise is an important component in staying healthy when you have osteoarthritis. Moderate physical activity on a regular basis helps decrease fatigue, strengthens muscles and bones, increases flexibility and stamina, and improves your general sense of well-being. Joint flexibility is especially important when you have arthritis because stiff joints mean the inability to do daily tasks, such as buttoning a shirt or starting the car.

You should commit yourself to regular exercise that includes three types of activity: flexibility (stretching, range-of-motion) exercises, strengthening (resistance) exercises, and cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise. That may sound like a lot, but if you incorporate it into your daily routine, you’ll find it gets easier to do without even thinking about it.

Before you begin any exercise, you should consult your physician to see if the exercise is appropriate for you. You may even want to see a physical therapist for an assessment of your specific exercise and joint protection needs. They will help you learn how to get started, how to modify exercises so they don’t damage your joints and how to set reasonable goals for yourself. In this section you will find a video library of exercises designed to help common areas affected by osteoarthritis. Click here to get to the videos!

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