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Brewer’s Yeast – Nature’s Wonder Food

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Brewer’s Yeast –

You probably know people who take Brewer’s yeast and claim that it helps them feel energetic. Nevertheless, could this supplement high in B vitamins work to ease pain for those with arthritis? New research points to yes. Most of the studies have been done with rheumatoid arthritis, but it is believed that it applies to osteoarthritis as well. These arthritis sufferers may be partially deficient in pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). In one placebo controlled trial, those with rheumatoid arthritis had less disability, morning stiffness, and pain when they took high doses of pantothenic acid daily. The Food and Nutrition Board and the Linus Pauling Institute recommend 5 mg/day of pantothenic acid for adults.

If you want to skip the supplements, try eating plenty of Brewer’s yeast, whole-grain breads and cereals, cauliflower, chicken, avocados, fish, dried beans, liver, nuts, bananas, mushrooms, potatoes, oranges, milk, cheese and eggs.

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